Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Chilling in a white room with a Bengal Tiger dancing on all four walls - How Morality affects Shopping on High St in Auckland

Chilling in a white room with a Bengal Tiger dancing on all four walls. Introspective wandering thoughts slowly swimming backstroke in my mind. I trooped around the city today an army of one. I was on a quest to find a new bag to fit my basic natural goods in. The first store had cheap Chinese knock off bags for 25 smackers, the next had the same bags with a brand for triple the price. After feeling astounded at the lack of quailty backpacks on offer in the metropolitan I live in I eventually stumbled into an upper crust refitted Barkers on the corner of High st. The store resembled a manicured James Bond film they had two bags the one I liked was 279.00$. No one seemed remotely interested in selling a bag to me although staff were courtesy and kind so I left. I then took a gamble on a Fairtrade store a few shops up the high st populated with fashion stores and dozens of office workers. They had 5 bags the bag I liked made of leather was priced at 279.00$ exactly the same price. I thought back to Barkers and how it was most likely made with slave labour the other I was told was crafted by a fairly paid person in India. The first bag was much nicer, but I bet the conditions it was made in  certainly weren't. It's so strange how Moral issues are even entwined with what we purchase. It's so easy for us to be caught up in our lives and block out how someone who makes something or supplies a service for us is hurting or being exploited a human being with hopes and dreams just like you or me. Well that's what I thought about today!

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