Monday, 18 April 2016

endorphins twirling like floral skirts

endorphins twirling like floral skirts
lilac and indigo wild flowers crimson and gold
with spoiled petals floating to the floor

curling inward the plants protect their newest leaves
photosynthesis occurs even whilst they sleep
the bumbling honey bee takes joy in fertilising a flowers every need
turning pollen into sinful manuka honey
only to have the fruits of his labours snatched from his jaws
stolen from the hive and his stunningly eloquent queen

the livestock ramble in naive bless frolicking in emerald paddocks
inherited wealth stretches on in endless hectare after hectare
modern workers carry out their feudal forbearers tasks with gusto
not knowing their income is derived from senseless killing and
the poisoning of virgin waterways

the landed gentry sit idle twirling their thumbs as
milk solid prices rise and fall like the romanticists self-esteem
but all is dandy and plain just another hundred acre rural bliss
the fortunate preside over the common folk
in their colloquial gumboots crowned by a leather cowboy hat
their tattered raincoat a shadow lords royal garb

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