Friday, 26 August 2016

Why You Shouldn't Smoke Shisha next to me indoors! ;)

I was eating a kebab at the Turkish cafe on K road with Ruth Bioletti tonight. Directly next to us were a group of European tourists smoking Shisha in a hookah a pipe covered with red hot coals.They were oblivious to the smoke spewing forth from their mouths and noses maybe even their eyes onto us covering us with smoke. In my annoyance I thought how disgusting second hand smoke is. I can understand one choosing to smoke themselves to death but making that decision for another person is immoral and wrong. Also I'm not sure if its true what they say but apparently smoking shisha is close to or worse than smoking a whole pack of cigarettes in 30 minutes. Betwixt my coughing and sneezing the idea sprung into my head;

*hey wait a second i'm currently in New Zealand and yes its illegal to smoke inside a closed food premise kabinga

So I waltzed over to the man behind the counter and put forth my pleas that breaking the law simply won't do. In a somewhat indifferent manner he pointed me to the pizza spinning manager who looked completely dead inside.

I reiterated that it was illegal to smoke inside a cafe/restaurant and if wanted the owner to get a big fine he should tell these nincompoops to move outside. I quickly sat back down at the table and ate a chip and low and behold next thing you know the tourists were drop kicked all the way down to the other side of the cafe. I would've preferred the South Island but they were just far enough away so they could carry on smoking their stupid lungs out with all shisha they could buy. They did look a bit unhappy outside in the cold wind whipping them all around with a sprinkling of icy cold rain every now and then. Some might call me selfish.

You would be wrong I was happy as I could be I tucked into my kebab enjoying my meal with Ruth Bioletti immensely. A very fulfilling feeling flooded my body, justice maybe? I cant say for sure but what I would stress is how important it is to politely stand up for yourself and be unafraid to spoil someone else's party if they don't care about you.

What can I say the law is a great and wonderful thing, especially when it's on your side!

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