Friday, 19 August 2016

Bonded Slave Labour in Thailand Sex Industry

Wow I've been flicking through a book on the new form of slavery in the global economy in the book "Disposable People" by Kevin Bale and it's not a pretty read. Did you know a 'bonded labour' brothel in Thailand makes an average profit of $1 million U.S dollars a year. That's after all bribes and overheads are paid out. Unlike normal brothels were woman 'choose' to work at such places? in a bonded labour brothel a worker must payback an unserviceable debt to their employer. 

The estimated value of the sex trade in Thailand is estimated at around $26.25 billion u.s dollars a conservative estimate. When you read about the horrible working conditions of sex workers in Thailand and the pure form of exploitation of woman it does make you wonder why this is happening, until you factor in all the dirty money made from the industry. Contrary to what you might believe Thailand has enjoyed somewhat strong economic growth over a quite a few decades pulling millions of people out of poverty. Sadly the government and police suffer from systemic latent corruption and are heavily complicit in keeping the gravy chain of the sex industry churning over regardless of the human toll.

I was flabbergasted to hear that in the poorest areas of Thailand the northern mountain range region it is not uncommon recently for parents to sell a daughter to fund the purchase of a new television set. In contrast years ago but not to many a child was sold into slavery only as a last ditch attempt to save a family from destitution. Sadly though with the rampant consumerism taking hold of the Thai nation due to a healthier economy acquiring meaningless material goods is now seen as symbolic of prosperity and are treated as life threatening necessities. 

On a personal not I'm really glad I wasn't sold into slavery to fund a TV set during my youth, and worse still when your bought as a slave you incur a debt that you must pay back for your families sake as they are liable too. In the breakdown you get sold into slavery, your parents get paid the average $2000 dollars or less by the trafficker then you the newly coined slave have to pay it all back on-top of interest and all your expenses. Meaning that your value in reality when your sold is virtual nothing. Furthermore when it's all counted up all the labour you could've provided your family on the farm and domestically by remaining at home means that your parents don't even break even on the sale of their child! 

If you want to check out "Disposable People" here is the link:…/…/0520272919

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