Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Battle Over Science - The Raging Theist VS the Nirvana T-shirt wearing Atheist

I went to a debate on science tonight with both an atheist and theist arguing for how they think science demands God's existence or not. I found both arguments fascinating. From a scholastic point of view I thought that the atheist had stronger arguments and engaged in the debate in a fair and more even temperament. The theist seem led to slip into a passive aggressive demeanour to strengthen his arguments that I thought significantly detracted from his points that were from the outset weak. 

The atheist in contrast chose a different sly tactic of underhanded put downs to his adversary and the room in general even if he tried to mask them with good jest. From my perspective I thought the whole thing was a bit of a joke as I tend to keep the areas of science and religion distinctly separated. The debate about science and God seemed to devolve into a convoluted mess. I mean on one hand science has given us modern medicine to improve our health and well being. 

While on the other hand religion in the wider sense of the term acknowledging some higher power in the world is fundamental for many overcoming addiction and harmful ways of life that science can not easily fix or help. 

The great scientist Einstein agreed that science and religion dealt with different essential areas of the human life one rational the other irrational yet people are still fighting about which one fits were. To Einstein and myself it seems rather clear science is rational to the point of being stale and meaningless, while the irrational risky nature of religious thinking is essentially its unique and beautiful singular charm - the other way round that the theist argued for is to my mind simply wrong. 

Nevertheless emotions run high and the debate rages on, while a slowly back away and run! 

A nice article on Einstein's thoughts about science and religion 

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