Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Living it up at the Mikano "Bollywood Affair"

I've been pretty social lately and had a great time at the sold event "Bollywood Affair" at Mikano last Saturday.  My friends and I got suited up for the event as it was a formal dress code which was classy in a good way. My Mum thought we looked Pulp Fiction after seeing our photo on Facebook haha.

I can't remember the last time i dusted off the old suit, must've been Abbiruth's last court appearance haha just joking. All the guys were pretty liquored up on scotch and feeling jolly. I was sticking to ginger ale like a model citizen and sober as after a while we all trooped off to the event after listening to some music and jesting banter. When we arrived a line was already starting to form so we jumped in and got all our tickets sorted and slid past the bouncer. Lucky we scored tickets online instead of getting them on the door as there were no sales on the night to be had. When we got into the place the dance-floor was already going off with Dj's slaying everyone with Indian dance music and just the right volume too not to loud but still powerful enough!

 The chandeliers in the photo were swinging, shining and sparkling and the gang was setting the dance-floor on fire with drunken grins and yelps of glee. When things started to get crazy we all pretty much split off and did our own thing mingling and chatting with punters and trying to get numbers and the like. After to many hours dancing we exited the venue but all at different times Waffles was the first to hit the road at 1am, I gaped the scenes at 2am, Abbiruth at 3:30am in the morning with Soorya and finally the last man standing on the night Abhinaw Sai rolled out the door and all the way home at 4:30am what a legend. 

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