Friday, 19 August 2016

-- Auckland University plans to close its doors to the public --

I'm saddened to hear that Auckland Uni is cracking down on people attending classes that they aren't enrolled in including current students. 
In the long-term I foresee such a neo-liberal policy directly hindering peoples ability to educate themselves. Although I have never sat in on a class I have never been enrolled in accept the odd class with a mate who was I don't think it's right. The New Zealand university education system shouldn't be reduced to a pay to play scheme.
There are to many bright vivacious youngsters and wise senior citizens that deserve to learn regardless of whether they are pursuing a recognised tertiary qualification. Have universities pride swelled to such an extent that they have forgotten members of society fund there very existence. 
Institutions of higher learning should be open to all. It's like the powers that be actively won't people to stay dumb and uneducated I wonder why that would be...i guess the myth of anti-intellectualism in New Zealand is alive and kicking a rugby ball.

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