Monday, 11 August 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - "Diamond On Your Tongue" South Island Rock Tour

Hey guys just wanted to share with you The Neo-Kalashnikovs official poster for our South Island tour, We will be playing in the main centres of Christchurch and Dunedin this time. We are really stoked to be coming down and rocking out with you and the shows are free so anyone can rock up on the night so bring your friends haha :) We also have two very talented young bands supporting us at each date Born Broken and Sunshine Hotel and are stoked to be rocking out with them in their respective centres!!

Facebook Event:

The set list will be out soon of the songs we will be preforming and if anyone wants any specific song played def get at us via Facebook or  I haven't seen Christchurch since we played their last and really hope the rebuild has being going well. Perhaps if their is a change in government progress will be faster, or maybe the one right now is getting the job done!! hopefully :)

 If you don't know much about the venues we are playing they are really kick-ass and have some great NZ music history. They will also be very intimate shows and we are always keen to chat with people who like our music or just music in general. I listen to heaps of different types of music and always like listening to music that I would never discover if left to my own devices. Anyway hope you like the poster and will fingers crossed have these out across both centres with Phantom postering soon.

Rock On from The Neos

p.s - we will be in the studio finishing off an indie recording of our song "Mean Things" and then sending if of to the states for mastering so stay tuned. It will be available at our shows so come along!

  Stream and Download for free our Rock single "Turn the Tables" as heard on Radio Hauraki FM :) 

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