Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Recording "Mean Things" at Tonewheel Studio

Live Video Footage of Volita singing in the studio session 
Coming Soon! 

Today we had a great recording session in Point Chev with our great friend and record producer Justin James. Coffee is always brilliant at Tonewheel Studio and recording chains of pre-amps, mics and converters got everything sounding silky smooth. Live video footage of Volita singing will be posted up today or tomorrow. — in Point Chevalier.

Photo Captions

1) Volita playing Triangle on the upcoming single from The Neo-Kalashnikovs "Mean Things" (with a guitar lead).

2) When drummers get behind the microphone haha Moss was called up to lay down some backing vocals on the hook of "Mean Things" and delivered man!!! — in Point Chevalier, New Zealand.

3) Justin James helping produce a counter melody guitar line for "Mean Things" at Tonewheel Studio.

4) Hand written lyrics by Volita to help her remember the lyrics of "Mean Things". She wrote them out the night before and it really helped with the flow of the recording session, great work dude  


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