Saturday, 23 August 2014

Story behind The Neo-Kalashnikovs - "Turn the Tables"

If you know someone who likes NZ Rock please share this song to them on the line! pretty please :)

This song is The Neo-Kalashnikovs first ever national rock hit in New Zealand thanks to Radio Hauraki FM. I'd just like to say a big thanks to Greg Prebble for believing in the band and giving this song a shot and all the dj's for cranking it out across the airwaves. I'd also like to thank Olly Harmer at The Lab in Mt Eden for doing such an amazing job on engineering and the mixing of the single. Brian Lucey also kicked some serious ass when he mastered the song delivering that sonic silky sheen.Volita you rock thanks for writing the music and lyrics and singing and playing guitar! what a powerhouse (in a tight package), Gabe for smashing out a killer bass line and Moss for playing drums. A giant thank you to our Dad Jeremy Bioletti for producing this record, if it wasn't for you this song wouldn't be what is, love ya heaps and Mum for believing in all of us. This song was definitely a career highlight in music for the band, and if I think back a bit it almost didn't happen, we were having problems getting a definitive take. Finally on the third try after Dad stepped in to the studio and told us to slow it all down and play it like a slacker everything clicked into place and "Turn the Tables" was born (Rick Rubin move over) haha :) 
                                    Best             The Neos

The Neos are back on Tour!! Shout out to The Southies and Sunshine Hotel and Born Broken for being so amazing this is gonna Rock NZ styles!!! haha :) 

Also check out friends of the band Indotestudo and their latest demo recording of "Crossing Late" it kicks ass guys and those distorted guitars could rip someones face clean off, and thats the way we like it !!! :) :) Neos 

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