Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Play A Backbeat (Live Footage)

Here's a short video of The Neo-Kalashnikovs (Gabe, Moss and Volita) playing at the "Destruction of Rock'n'Roll" showcase at Backbeat bar on Friday 15th August 2014. I'd just like to thank William, Emla and The Rockshop for letting us host the event at their venue. Radio Hauraki for their continual support and championing of NZ rock music. James Fitz for booking the bands and sorting out the gig posters. And of course all the bands that preformed on the night including "Bloodbags" who reminded me of a really rocky Arcade Fire put through a blender. Thin White Lines for their full energy performance, I was stoked you played my favourite song "Control", damn thought they played it :) . And last but by no means least a giant shout out to Dead Beat Boys for swinging of the roof and tearing sh#t up with their closing song "Robotronics". Thanks to everyone who came along rocked out!! and took a free cd home :)

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