Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Good bye First Drum Kit - The Neo-Kalashnikovs

Gave away my first drum kit today to my young neighbour. It was a red Premier jazz kit by Olympic and it still sounded great when I set it up for the last time sob ;( It was always a very musical drum kit, I remember playing it at the Kings Arms back in the day and this guy miked up a 5 grand kit before I played and it sounded good but then mine was miked up and it sounded so much better haha the sound engineer was really impressed haha. You never hear people talk about the quality of Pine wood in drum kits but I can tell you nothing never sounded so good!!  I got the drum kit when I was 10 so time it goes to another 10 year old. It will be awesome to have another drummer in the neighbourhood deflecting some of the pesky fun polices attention away from me haha. A Big thank you too Richard Foulkes Jnr for teaching me how to play the drums!! You'll be happy to know I'm working hard on the drum rudiments and speed and finger control as well as new drum grooves. I got bored of playing the same stuff over and over again so I've decided I want to play everything. Big thanks to Jeremy Bioletti for helping me in my quest to play the drums and driving me round to all the various rock clubs to watch me bash the drum kit into the floorboards. My closing statement on the Olympic, would be that it was a great drum kit and damn we sure did get our money's worth out of it haha  Moss Bioletti

(Just for reference I used the Tom and snare from the Olympic when we recorded "Turn the Tables" and "Gorgeous Baby") 

                               Groove King John Bonham 

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