Wednesday, 1 February 2017

My heart only sings for you

My heart only sings for you 
So what on earth should I  do 
give in give up 
breakdown or shut up
and wait 
I guess I'll choose to wait 
How long will I last
I just don't know 
I guess
Until I see your rosy face 
that lightens up my dull dreary day
from countless others I've turned away
turned away turned away 
but with you with you 
I want to stay
See I know you could never love someone as dumb as me
my racing heart keeps chasing thieves
But if you oh if you you did I would forever return your affection 
even when I'm grey old and dying or at least till I'm forty years old 
Your a gal of the finest stock with nimble hair and flaring locks
Oh how much courage does a man need 
 to overcome this harsh life knock after knock
Nevermind my harmless heart falls victim everytime
Perhaps you are the one then again maybe your not 
To fill in the chipped cracks in this rotten soft spot 

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