Sunday, 26 February 2017


Desperation had brought us all together. We had similar motivations for why we did what we had to do. 
Some of us had no job prospects, others needed more money for family, while others simply wanted a 
break from the languishing monotony of life. We did the jobs no one else wanted to do or ever thought of taking 
up. We were specialists in mopping up spilled milk and tying up loose ends. The higher the stakes were 
the more we charged. Overwhelming odds simply made us laugh. Of our small squad of five I was 
tasked with overseeing all the operations we took on trying to bring about the best outcome for all. 
Nothing compared to making away with the drugs and money and cashing them in for flowing riches.
We didn't like breaking the law none of us did but we needed more than a life offered under the law.
Living hand to mouth in one of the most expensive cities in the world was enough to break a man's spirits.
A complete lack of security, not being able to supply the bare necessities, struggling to pay the rent 
had made us monsters, lions, death machines that stalked the streets lurked in shadows and enforced 
secret codes the average citizen never knew existed. We lived in the grey zone between heaven and hell.

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