Monday, 13 February 2017

A Russian Novel in Verse - Eugene Onegin

A painting of Eugene Onegin from Pushkin's novel in verse one of the most famous works of Russian literature. Eugene above slandered love and hurt sweet Tatyana a woman late to be married who patiently waited for the love of her life to arrive. For time she was convinced Eugene was the one. In the end being an aristocrat she was forced to marry and found happiness of a kind with and older loving husband. Eugene by contrast was eventually shrugged off by Tatyana the woman who at one time had loved him madly to which he detested her passion. It was only much later in life that he came to see Tatyana's vibrant and unique character becoming deeply infatuated by her in the Russian city of Moscow. In the end Eugene was forced to live a lonely and itinerant life desperately trying to outrun his inner demons. Scholars believe the character Eugene symbolises a westernised Russia that inevitably falls into decay producing nothing of worth. Tatyana by contrast is the inward looking Russian figure and nation. She reaffirms her connection with rural and then civic life by looking inward into herself in an act of self-mastery instead of wandering around helplessly for help or guidance from others in the world. The story is a metaphor for how everyone should embrace their past before moving onto conqueror and confront oneself to achieve lasting happiness.

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