Saturday, 25 February 2017

Only the Brave Look Inside

What are you running from and do you have any real hope
Of out running it 
why not be brave stand tall and slay the murky inner demons that congregate in your foolish thoughts at night 
Haven't you heard the glistening sword of clarity is the greatest gift you can give to oneself 
so weld it high like a double edged long sword and cut down the approaching enemy of negative emotion that persist in your head
In the deep recesses of your mind they are begging to be released set free and laid to rest in a bloody grave 
Once restored set out on a quest of any magnitude for however long it takes you be the judge but make sure to gather up a handful of friends that glisten brighter than rare freshly cut gem stones 
Also be careful not to drink to much in the depths of your sorrows only partake of rich wine to heighten your natural inclination toward ecstasy 
Have no fear when travelling over distant lands were danger often lurches hidden in the garb of poverty 
Laugh at the blandness of existence while cherishing the exotic vision of nature 
But always remember the only place that truly matters is inside you

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