Saturday, 18 February 2017

An Alternative Ending to Eugene Onegin

Torn in two Onegin wept giant tears 
Rejected by the woman who loved him for years 
His great blunder to spurn young love
Grasping Olga's waist oh what did he think of
Now his sweet Tatyana bid him goodbye 
While he fought of great fears to give up and die 
Alone in his bed he seethed with self-hatred 
Soon his depression turned to great fits unsated 
With his trusty pistol, he shot great holes in the walls 
In deep despair, he fell into a succession of pitfalls 
Then a maniac idea ran through his burning chest 
To storm the castle and challenge the general blessed
So, he threw away his sadness to draft a scarlet letter 
To die in the name of love he could think of nothing better


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