Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Taking up the Piano and on Musicians

If you don't know I have recently taken up the piano and have been learning to read music which is really fun. I am also still studying the drums. I highly recommend learning two instruments at once. I am also wanting to pick up the trumpet too as I tried it once before once and didn't quite get the hang of it, but i'm keen to give it another try. The great thing about learning an instrument is it gives you discipline. While it also reminds you what drives you. If you want to learn something new passion is everything in my book. Practising your instrument should be equal if not better than preforming on it to others. I read a famous quote today about a famous piano player and once he got a standing ovation and people were celebrating his performance while he was already back stage practising on his piano again haha. It made me think hmm yes either the piano player was mad and didn't want to enjoy his success. Or after thinking about it a bit more maybe he simply realised that he enjoyed playing the piano more than drunken pats on the back and hollow applause and adulation. Which reminds I read something else that there are apparently two types of musicians those who play for applause and those who don't. Sadly some musicians get so invested in playing for a crowd and applause no matter how small or drab that they go off playing for themselves, I mean that should always be number one.   I recall the late Amy Winehouse saying music is just something I do and it's not dependent or tied to anyone else's opinion but my own, or words to those affect. The great artists don't need applause or magnificent standing ovation they do it to express themselves, come closer to who they are and try and understand this mad thing called life. The painting above depicts the famous composer and pianist Chopin playing some music to rich twits by the look of it! haha  

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