Thursday, 6 October 2016

How can we Remedy the All Blacks Mis-Behaviour and Misogyny?

I certainly agree with previously mentioned points but can't help but feel that the excessive drinking culture of Rugby before after and during games coupled with the completely misogynistic nature of international Rugby aka yet to see a woman All Black or coach create this problem as well. When men are in a group they sure act differently than with a partner or female family members. Coupled with heavy levels of drinking and you get the Chiefs scandal one of many I imagine yet the single most publicised. It's also unrealistic to believe that such happenings of the current All Blacks failings didn't happen under the captainship of Richie McCaw for all we know he could be a horrendous person when not in the public eye.

I believe the quickest way to remedy the NZRU problem is to kick out all the old boys and clinger-ons and appoint people to the national rugby organisation who are first and foremost heavily invested in looking after the rugby players. At the same time I think its even more inclusive that woman be allowed to enter all roles that men currently have access to in the New Zealand rugby in management and on the field. Otherwise I feel these problems will just cropping up again and again.

A fun fact in NZ colonial times there was a shortage of woman men outnumbering woman sometimes a hundred to one in gold-mining towns and in the first settled parts of the country. To remedy the issue men would create a mock woman made out of pillows with a woollen throw over her and place them at the table. The men would instantly act more polite and social responsible - if worse comes to worse we could enforce the All Blacks to engage in such historical practices to uphold moral and ethical standards if they can't do it themselves. mic drop

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