Monday, 10 October 2016

I Want to Laugh in the Face of Death

i want to laugh in the face of death 
get inked up, dead man walking across my chest 
I want to laugh so loud that my face turns red 
scream so hard that my cat drops dead
you see, im passing through, so how bout you
with our bodies worn no sign of youth
destined to become what we always knew
like worms in the soil twisting and turning
a stupid rusty screw loose in your head 
waiting to maybe take you on that fateful dance 
a long slow waltz
with deaths hand gripping your beautiful ass
your drowning in black and white
while i'm freezing in multi-colour baby
of all the sweet joys of life 
imagine music lost and unheard
For on your fatal day, betwixt two worlds
suddenly abruptly rudely wrenched from your dreams
one finds the world not destroyed but continually reborn
for what is crushed in an instant  
is destined to eternally recur 

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