Wednesday, 5 October 2016

On how Honesty can help you achieve your dreams

No matter how great your complex theory is if people can't understand it especially those educated in your chosen field or discipline you might as well have written or done nothing at all. One should never lose sight in the fact that we when we write, work, sculpt, play music, etc we are doing so in most cases for others and not ourselves. Anyone can create a work of art that they believe is a masterpiece in their own eyes, the trick is getting others to look at your work with the same beauty that you see! If one can not be honest with oneself sadly you are destined to remain mediocre. Only by confronting ones own short-comings can we in turn allow ourselves to find the steady footing to climb up and over ourselves and inch closer to greatness. Overcoming oneself is certainly easier said than done but it is worth it and mandatory for all great levels of achievements. When honest is harnessed in a positive and progressive fashion it is still painful but in the long run it pays out a considerable dividend and potentially even a jackpot for the luckiest amongst us.This is why when Nietzsche preaches about the strong human desire to attain greatness he always asks us to look inward instead of outward first. Being honest with yourself doesn't mean mentally beating yourself up. All you need to do is acknowledge your weaknesses for a moment then concentrate on rebuilding yourself up again with these cracks and flaws in mind.

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