Sunday, 9 October 2016

Phill Goff has no mandate to be Mayor of Auckland - 39.5 % voter turn out to LOW

Good work everyone great to see Aucklamd is making a stand and deciding not to vote in the latest local body election. Hopefully we can get it down to 35% voter turn out next mayoral election. Currently we're sitting pretty on 39.5% so we're well on our way. Voting is a system that strips away all political expression from everyone living in Auckland. Year in year out we see career politicians like Phill Goof elected to run OUR affairs that the rate payer funds. I have a modest television I mean dream were we can drive down voter participation so low that we can force change in the way our city is run by the council and all those slimy beaurcrats wasting money and achieving fuck all. It really cheers my spirits to see people abandoning voting it is just veiled oppression of the people by big money and national political interests. If voter turn out isn't at 50% it should be declared a vote of no confidence by the public basic bloody stuff. Phill Goff does not have a mandate from the people to make OUR decisions on how to run the city to be blunt he needs to jog on and crawl back underneath that red Tory rock we all paid for!

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