Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Ukiah Brown's Solo Trip-Rock single - "Not Coming Back"

Here's the new track from Husk Lead singer Ukiah Brown called "Not Coming Back"! I'm digging the sweet and smooth guitar tone like a shot of good pricey Whiskey and nice snare work from the drummer, "give the drummer some huh" (James Brown talking).The song has strong influences of psychedelia  careful kids that stuff can trip you out!!.On a serious note I would be really interested to know how the guys tracked this record and what front end hard-ware they used to get it sounding so super-duper allyopper  nice. The song was recorded live underneath Crystal palace in some far-flung grotto of Mt Eden cue the hobo or hey was that Casper the friendly ghost I just saw! Anyway ramblings aside this is

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