Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Local Rockstar's - Emily Edrosa, Tom Lark & These Violent Delights

Emily Edrosa's new E.P is awesome. The highlights for myself are the sarcastic "Underground" and "The Corner of the Party". I'm well impressed that she made this record all on her own! (that was said in a British accent for some weird reason?). The guitar tones kick-ass, vocal delivery is genuine and songwriting is of course top-notch. It's really sick to hear Edrosa's music played alongside a drum machine with percussive overdubs, it really flips the script and gives the record a fun new vibe. The AK muso has also released a new single with "Dicatophone Blues" titled "365" which you can  check it out here: Go On don't be shy :) If your a fan of trashy drums and abrasive RockNRoll check out "365"quick before it pushes you off your chair underscored by a menacing yet friendly scowl arghh

Tom Lark is back with a stunning new E.P called the ingenious "Tom Lark E.P" with a lush production to rival Abbey Road by The Beatles ("yes I just said that" in quotations!). The video for "Something To Tell You" is super cool featuring oldskool samples from T.V back when it was black and white people!! come on thats smart and glorious spliced footage of 16mm film that looks like it was shot in a desert way back in the 70's (Cue Starsky and Hutch theme song): .Personally my favourite song is "Never Be Your Man" a dark and musing song about being knocked around in the game of love. I really like the mix on that particular song its so tight in the low end and clear as day like standing on Mammoth mountain after a healthy dose of Peyote. Also I have to mention what is evident by the cover art  Lark has an immaculate taste in guitars, that is all.

These Violent Delights rocked out with Volita Bioletti of The Neo-Kalashnikovs to conjure up their "Self-Titled" debut E.P. The production of the record was overseen by drummer AJ who produced all the music on a vintage Apple computer released in 1995 or maybe it was just normal computer lol with pro-tools. Side track aside Volita wrote all the songs on the record except for Papercuts which yours truly and Scot Samson produced like Gods in the studio Demi-Gods? well we wrote in the studio which was fun. Someone cue "Under Pressure": Olly Harmer also demands a serious acknowledgment for all the hours he put into E.P in the 2 days it was recorded for he not only recorded but also mixed and mastered the whole record, Wow what a Champion! Thanks Olly! My favourite tracks are "Papercuts" and "Underground" because you can swoon to former and rock out with the later :) Edrosa stop stealing
peoples song titles!! haha

A giant Thank You to all our talented Local Rockstar's featured this ones for you! 

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