Thursday, 30 October 2014

Rackets Pioneer New Technology of Washing the Brain and accidentally Save the Human Race

I Tuned, Dropped Out way Out I was in the kitchen practicing Kung Foo while taking the trash out,
sometimes when your a rocknroll you gotta wash your brain out then once you done that you check
no ones home then you scream your lungs out, funny how guitar riffs can rip your soul out
soon after your cast a drift way what now? looking for Brian but he's got no mouth! he's long gone like a Volley ball spiked floating softly into the deep south pacific ocean castaway, weird how people
jump up and down grooving in the dirty south, got no idea how to wash their fricken brains out makes me wonder what its all about then I jump up to Rackets and scream out WOOOOOOOOOOO

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