Monday, 5 August 2013

The Neo-Kalashnikovs Gorgeous Baby Goes Viral in the United Kingdom

The Neo-Kalashnikovs latest rock video for "Gorgeous Baby" featuring Helen Flanagan was a viral hit in the U.K being covered by MTV U.K, Huffington Post and The Daily Mirror and countless others. The video was originally released on a subsidiary of the bands favorite alternative company. All up the video amassed across all platforms over 600,000 views.

The plan for the release was originally thought up by drummer Moss Bioletti who realized that Helen would be a fantastic star to help propel the video into the Blogsphere and rock Youtube. However, he didn't realize to what a large scale the video was going to be viewed and whether the U.K would embrace the song. Thankful the overwhelming feeling from the British public was extremely positive many hailing it as a great song. One blogger also said that it was the worst video of all time which the band was stoked with, especially since it was shot on a budget of $200. If you like catchy rock songs you can buy "Gorgeous Baby" off ITunes:

In other news the bands next music video for their new single "Turn the Tables" is also in pre-production and will see the band rocking out on stage and getting band tattoos. Hauraki Fm will be playing it on high rotation in 2 weeks so keep an ear out for the full bore rock song or purchase it from ITunes:

In music and recording news the band is also working hard on some hot new material in the studio. They will also be playing some sweet shows soon with The Glocks at kick ass Juice Bar and in Wellington at Bitchfest. The Neos are also super excited to announce Official band t-shirts are on the way and 12 inch translucent red vinyls of "She's On Heat" will be arriving soon.

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