Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Rock band The Neo-Kalashnikovs Achieve 40,000 Downloads in Auckland

If you haven't heard of The Neo-Kalashnikovs by now you really are missing out. Their free debut album"She's On Heat" has had over 4000 downloads amassing over 40,000 individually downloaded songs.The albums cover adorned by a flame engulfing the bands logo was released in November 2012 in New Zealand. The rock album has gained an outstanding review from critics and NZ rock fans. It's not hard to see why either as their songs have huge hooks that are lyrically outstanding and do justice to rock 'n' roll in general. If you like Nirvana, The Black Keys or bands like Queens of the Stone Age you will love this band, a lot.

Whats even more electrifying about the Auckland based rock band is that they are all directly related. Lead singer Volita Bioletti is the oldest who also plays electric guitar. The youngest sibling Gabriel Bioletti plays bass and Keyboards while middle child Moss Bioletti smacks the stuffing out of the drums. Im of the opinion that the trio really do know their way around the rock genre. This should come as no surprise either as they have been gigging regularly since they were in their teens. I guess this is one of the main reasons why album "She's On Heat" breathes the flames of veteran tenacity. Perhaps all those dingy bar gigs in L.A and New York that the band has rumored to play in early 2011 have some truth to them. Hands down my favorite songs off the debut are "Diamonds" that sees a guitar screaming out of a Marshall stack. "I Don't Wanna be Your Friend" which is an uber hipster classic rock song and the truly heartfelt beauty of "Shining Star" that is lyrically elegant. 

After listening to the album over and over again there is no doubt in my mind that Olly Harmer played a vital role in making "She's On Heat" as good as it is. His recording prowess that has seen him produce more hit records than you've had hot dinners in Mt Eden is evident. His most recent contribution that proved pivotal was the recording of "The Naked and Famous" album that achieved Gold status in the U.S. Despite all the technicalities of hit records I am going to stop writing this article and go back to listening to "She's On Heat" because this is Kiwi rock at its best. And there is no need to worry If you haven't been lucky enough to download a copy because its available for free at You can also tweet the band at @neokalashnikovs and like them at if you become super-fans to keep up with all their raucous antics, lets hope they stay out of jail. 

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