Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Why do woman try their hardest to eliminate their tan-lines
I mean have they ever asked a hot blooded man whether they like them or not?
If a woman was to ask my opinion I would say with a resounding YES
I love them like them adore them desire them
And a resounding NO
To even thinking about getting rid of them.
But why is this?
Maybe it’s because
Men in our vast majority don't have them
So those thin insignificant lines make you infinitely more feminine
Vastly accentuating your allure and primordial power over us
Not to say that
A woman without tan-lines is any less attractive
I for one would never dream of asking someone to lie down in the sun to get them
I'd worry too much about your over exposure to the sun 
And yet there is part of every man's hearts that wishes
In the recesses of his being for a woman to have bold bright tan lines
Illuminating and skimming across your skin and cutting like fine diamonds
But why?
Maybe it’s just because they are overwhelmingly sensual
Or equally as likely it’s probably just because they remind your lover of your lace bra


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