Thursday, 12 January 2017

Resuscitation (poem)

As life ebbs from my lungs 
would you resuscitate me in time 
to save my body and brain function
would you choose to bring me back to life
or decide to let me drop soaring through the sky

As my body lay dying    my mind    would   race 
navigating over mist covered mountains   without you
stuck fast in  winter snow  

Or perhaps I would find myself cast-adrift in unrelenting seas
buried in a deep watery grave without one single chance of being found
If that were so there would be no final farewell for us my love

In my still heart I would falter having no remote desire to survive 
without your arms shooting whistling arrows by my side 

Only you would remember the holy prophecy of love
tattooed on each others swollen hearts as if stung by bees
chiseled in the finest inks mixing our blood into crying magenta  

Quick run fast over land held tight by dangerous enemies hands  
For death may swoop upon us from motley grey coloured hills
like a hungry lion starved covered in blood splattered gore

One of us destined to die the other to carry the gift of a curse that is long life 
Whilst the weaker of the two is unceremoniously dispatched and robbed like hay cut short 
under the sweeping blow of a sharpened sickle in the clash of ringing war 

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