Tuesday, 17 January 2017

I Guess You Never Really Knew

Our life together once in bloom
finished short in the throes of eternal youth
Both hearts once filled with bubbling champagne in crystal flutes 
Until love gave up broken ruined spilling across the kitchen table we fucked on 
I grabbed your hands you kissed my lips 
under milky stars flickering in and out we became one 
you opened your mouth i clutched your side
I held your face and watched dark tears streaming down
The pain the misery the heartbreak the sinister depression 
How you fell out of love slicing my soul to tangled ribbons
I thought honey if that's true I guess you never really knew
How out of control with manic flaming love like a raging fire I existed purely for you  
Too many times I sacrificed to gods devils with powers unknown to hold your favour 
Oh how my whole world came crashing down when I lost your smoky voice in my darkest hour 
For years I searched in vain for a silver lining to easy the lonely bumpy road
It's ok I hope your happy curled up in some Burgoise home with a man I could never be 
Some stand up bloke with a well paid steady job tidy room fair skin quiet eyes funny jokes
I can see him smiling at you the way I use too then falling asleep like a sleepy spoon
Just promise me this baby don't forget you loved me too 
Remember you loved me too remember that summer just me and you 
When I made love to you then you whispered In my ear I wished the world could stand still 
Don't forget how we fucked it was beautiful that windless summer night just me and you 
When I made love to you and you gripped me tight and the universe stood still 

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