Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A Crush at the Beach

A Crush at the Beach By Moss
Everyone has their own fleeting
lighthearted crush at the beach
from rock hard abs to pretty feet
Except for romantics they always have two 
On occasion when I visit the beach
In the blistering height of summer
I like to swim on-top of the surf
Far out at sea bobbing in the cool water 
I see supple woman enticing tortured married men
on the shore with hourglass figures and jumbling auburn hair
I laugh as Husbands eyeballs come loose falling out of their heads 
like stunned mullets they grope around in the sand with deep-seated lust 
After coming in from the sea after getting cold
I shake off the remaining blue water clinging to my pale white chest
To my right I see a Scandinavian girl with a full figure
She reels me in like a stuck fish in a net
I throw a glance her way causing her to laugh with mirth
Then I clumsily scatter seashells in embarrassment
with my awkward clumsy limbs 
As I lose track in the mind-addling sun
The One I have been waiting on finally appears
like a vision of love she washes up gently
on the sweet pebbly beach up north 
In shocked as she begins to sunbath topless
Why not she's the queen of the seas
free the nipple
the unmatched glory of a watery kingdom
baking in the sun
While the ocean teems with uncensored aquatic life 
Her short brunette hair draws you
Until your almost drowning in her deep green eyes
The depth of which is over a thousand fathoms deep

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