Friday, 22 July 2016

When a iPad powered Polaroid photo booth saves the day - Re-O week party AK university

I went out to a 90's throwback re-orientation event on Thursday and danced for a solid three hours.When I got there it was pretty much just my friend Jimmy and his compadre to the left of him. The night before the gig had been downgraded from the studio with two headlining acts to an intimate affair at the Wine bar on AK campus.

When I arrived the beats were slamming around the empty bourgeoisie bar like a richoteting bullet. Thankfully the venue had free pizza but no drink specials which was kind of lame, since we spent $15 to attend a venue that people usually go to for free - I guess someone had to pay the DJs bill namely all 60 people in attendance.

 The saving grace of the party was when my new friend Sai rocked up with his two peeps who knew how to dance!! and other people slowly filtered in too and creating a sweet party atmosphere. The promoters also preformed a master stroke by having this kick ass photo both installed powered by an iPad that meant everybody could take Polaroid photos of themselves and their crew. Personally I think the first photos of the night were the best before people started to get loose haha everyone was super well behaved though. The photo booth really added some super sweet vibes to the night more than making up for the event being downgraded ha just a sign of the times people!

I wasn't really drinking at the party preferring to kick back on a redbull that my friend Jimmy got me thanks broske! And a a Charlie's OJ I got. I do vividly remember from the night how some shy woman dancing in the corner who looked like they were having heaps of light hearted fun slowly started to attack and bump and grind on the cardboard cut out of Enrique Inglesias which was rather funny. Poor guy I beat he was exhausted when the event wrapped up at 11pm. The play list was also hilarious being pure 90's nostalgia with Aqua's "I'm a Barbie Girl" being the most memorable song setting the dancefloor on fire decades after its release, winning. Who said Re-O week sucks man the party went off and everyone had a great time, real talk.

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