Saturday, 30 July 2016

Broken computer people

the greatest pain is seeing someone you love
hurt by someone they think loves them back

when they don't, they couldn't, they never learnt how to do it properly
aka like a fully functioning human being
Most of these broken computer people go mad or end up alone
They never change cause they can't reflect on the errors of their ways
blinded by false bravado and narcissistic flowers
lost in maternal disarray is no excuse for never being held as a child
some people would turn and run choose to save themselves
but others stay (like me)
after fright or flight dissipates
the drive to banish evil festers great
like a rock that is only slightly worn by waterways
hope springs eternal like a red summers day
some people will never see the errors of their ways
For the real world is beautiful or cloaked in grey

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