Friday, 29 July 2016

my heart is a wounded animal running through a forest

My heart is a wounded animal  Running through a forest  lost Never to be seen again slowly faltering confused inconsolable darting down a dead end path as the sun falls in the sky releasing a phantasmic sunset I am alone leaking the last remnants of life force        my God given body ceasing to function amongst the trees all sullen unmoving indifferent to my deathly howls of pain.     In contrast woken from a tearful slumber countless birds look with sadness and dis-belief as I fall my faulty ankle giving way thrown by gravity yet I tumble with delight down the weathered cliff face alas my saving grace in a moment of free fall I am juxtaposed entire abruptly halted in my tracks as the hounds viciously round the corner there well trained snouts have misplaced my scent to them it seems as if I have foolishly disappeared without a trace

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