Sunday, 24 July 2016

Very Tall stories and Beautiful woman on the monied side of town (Ponsonby)

Sunday afternoon πŸ˜†πŸ‘ went to see a gig last night at Golden dawn really enjoyed the set from Very Tall Stories - great jazz funky rnb grooves with beautiful trumpet and saxophone solos with tasteful raps In-between 🎼🎀crowd loved it I had a quick chat to bandleader Tomas then rolled on home after eating some nachos in Ponsonby. Some very beautiful people out and about in the monied part of town. It's rather strange when you see a striking person with a bald aggressive person who looks controlling and unpleasant. I also dropped into The Bedford wow it was just wall to wall beautiful woman. As well as the occasional awkward date and long term couple trying to keep the flame alive. It was a shame the music was a bit loud as it hinders the ability to chat to people haha. Still it's pretty obvious when a girl gives you the eye when she's sitting at a table slightly bored with her mates. It's nice to be appreciated by others when your just being yourself. Avoiding assholes and douchebags really helps haha 😜

poster art form the show 

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