Sunday, 26 June 2016

When Sharks Attack

Last night I watched the film "The Reef" on Netflix's and god damn that is one scary film. If you are scared of boats, sharks and dying of dehydration don't watch it. But if your brave and foolhardy check it out the film. It's based on a true story about some Aussies who have to swim in shark infested waters because their boat capsizes after running aground on a reef. Naturally there is also a deranged Great White Shark that's about the same size an American nuclear submarine that is in full on attack mode and it's favourite thing to do is gnawing off legs, which reminds me of something.
If anyone knows my Dad he's told me my whole life how dangerous boats are and how one should avoid going in them in almost all circumstances. Luckily I have really enjoyed boats and have been on a couple of trips and find them really fun but they are quite dangerous (no child escapes completely from their parents belief system haha). I remember once Dad and I getting stuck in choppy water with all outer board motors giving up the ghost on a small boat in open water. The constant rocking feeling made me feel really sea-sick, and the fear in my Dad's eyes and voice let me know we were close to death (or something like that!). But we managed to survive hoisting a sail into the air and sailing on home like the good old British Navy did back in those evil colonialist day.
After the trip Dad had a tremendous ulcer in his mouth that looked like it was starting to develop conscious. Thankfully it didn't take over the host. It was rather strange though because Dad could control the ulcer and make it go up and down like his tongue or hand. It took him weeks to recover from that trip but I really liked it. We sailed up to Mansion house and visited the island with all the jumping baby kangaroos and pompous peacocks. We tried to catch, chase or harangue anything that moved. We also saw a giant Manta ray in the water were we had been swimming only moments before on our last day. My friend's Bruce and Henry got in the small dinghy along with their Dad Tony and chased it with a paddle as it skimmed under the water out to sea.

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