Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Salsoul Records - My fav Disco label

Today I read a book on the history of the disco music movement. To my surprise I discovered the power of independent record labels that ran the game. My favourite disco label was Salsoul Records started by 3 brothers and spearheaded by one particular brother. The label sold their first single to a major for 100k as the bigger company wanted to take it too the pop charts, they failed.

But the money was still paid and allowed the brothers to invest in roughly ten singles with the best studio musicians in Philadelphia. Their second single went on to sell 400,000 copies and the first album around 500,000.

However, the brother did get stuck in a bad position and had to release the first album himself but lucky he did! because they got all the money haha. By the 80's disco was dead, I wonder if modern electronica will be the same? Whats for certain is 'dance music' continuning aka music that makes human beings dance, the question is in what genre and style next!

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