Friday, 3 June 2016

Random act of Kindness

Random act of Kindness
Not everyone’s suffering from blindness
I man grabbed my hand said good day
Smiled and walked away
i was taken aback
Surprised, taken aback by such a random act of kindness
But then I thought back
And placed his face finding it in a lost memory bank
I recognized him from days gone past
He was the man I saw walking around in daze
Encircling the mt albert shops
months ago seems like years
When I was waiting for some takeaways
The proverbial fish and chips
I saw the same man in a black hoodie
Breathing frost out of his nostrils on a windswept night
He combed the streets like a well trained assassin
Or a hairdresser on drugs
He scanned up and down the pavement for cigarette butts
His search was futile but he seemed happy enough
I watched him as he gave up
Before he crossed the the street at the traffic lights
He turned to me with an exuberance you rarely see
I smiled back genuinely
Is it not strange how he remembered me

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