Wednesday, 1 June 2016

cheap Hollywood ass flickers like a pixelated picture

There's a fine line between love and hate 
Hell and heaven are just minutes away 
The champ said the weak break 
And only the strong survive 
Does that mean I'm destined to fall
While others thrive 
Like a glass window shattering
Contorting falling snapping 
can this bad luck stop happening
i need to feel real magic no smoke and mirrors
cheap Hollywood ass flickers like a pixelated picture 
was Iverson wrong when he said the strong dont crumble 
like a pill turnt to white powder
Roses in Full bloom perish too 
The weak grow strong 
when you save their lives
Strengths a foundation that's constantly shaking 
dont exist just live but avoid indoctrination 
by the status quo of developed nations
the irony is that powerful seal their fate 
to play the victim, when we turn our backs
We're all born with nothing and leave so quick
To be reborn brand new and come back to earth
Falling from the clouds in and out of love  
can we Break up to Make up so i forget the hurt 
another long lost love affair repeating endlessly 
I cry my eyes out but they dry Again 
Am I
I am
I'm ready 
I'm ready too 
I'm ready to fall in love again

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