Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Skinny Hobos - The Merchant of Tirau (Official Video)

Thank the devil for more local NZ music. I was beginning to suffer some serious rocknroll withdrawl, which is never ideal. Ha this is a funny video by Skinny Hobo's who I saw preform live last year and have been meaning to see for ages (sadly couldn't make it too Galatos as I got really sick on vodka which was awful!!). But man the power and riff off this song is bloody brilliant. I looked at their instagram photos and saw how many amps they used to track the guitar in the studio and I'm glad it all worked out. I also really dig the drum flourshies and fills. When I first heard the track it reminded me of the Offspring a band that was big in NZ when I was growing up. The video is one hell of hilliarous journey and the music blogger getting schooled cracked me up! nice one :)looking forward to a record from the guys soon

 Skinny Hobos perform "the Merchant of Tirau"

Directed by: Stefan Coetzee
Produced by Stefan Coetzee and Alani Lewis
Additional Camera Work: Lachlan Justice
Thanks to Shane Warbrooke & Calvin Sang

Thanks to Ding Dong Lounge for hosting the live portion of the video!


Oliver Tresidder as The Critic a.k.a. Biggus Dickus

Corne Coetzee as Repo Man Cory
Sandy Macinnes as Repo Man Steve French

Quinn the Human as Evil Hobos
- Featuring Rusty Steele as Lord Hobomort

With Skinny Hobos as... Skinny Hobos

Guest Appearances by:
Erin Greenhill
Rodrigo Hidalgo
Karl Heynen
Adam Heynen
Francis Wheeler
Josh Thoresen
Danny Champion
Matt Aickin
Hans Kim
Ayla Rachael Chamberlain
Aaron Leece
Hugh Hokopuna
Axl Scott
Michelle Jade
Jase Smithyman
Kieran Fox
Christopher Wong
Nicholas Soh
Ross Curtain
Stuart Curtain


Thank you to everyone who helped with and appeared in our video!

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