Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Music Video; Fazerdaze - A Little Uneasy

The music video for "Little Uneasy" is Fazerdazer's fist ever visual offering. The video premiered on The 405 blog where she described the context of the video and why she thought it was appropriate to dust off and bring out her old skateboard from retirement: http://tinyurl.com/hmezwcg

If you don't know about Amelia Murray a local musician from Auckland, NZ it's all good!??
Your just missing out on a prodigious talent with an unerving knack for aweinspiring melodies.          I also particularly like the way she programs drum machines. Which ties into my second point about the rocky band leader which is how Amelia takes a real hands on approach to writing, arranging and recording her music almost completely by herself (for her first record anyway). Make sure to checkout Fazerdazer's first release available on Bandcamp below:

I feel I should also just mention the rare and uncommon feat that the runaway success of the Fazerdazer E.P achieved on an indie level. Selling quite a few copies and connecting deeply with indie and alt minded listeners and blogs. On the back of such unexpected success Amelia hit the road touring independently around New Zealand. Afterwards she would go on to support Unknown Mortal Orchestra and most recently Australian muso Matt Corby.

Also word on the street is according to my friend Lucas who attended a Fazerdaze gig in Whammy's backroom recently Amelia mentioned that she had completed her first debut LP to be released asap. However, it's uncertain whether she will release the record on Flying Out, go indepedent, sign with Flying Nun or Archill or choose another label possibly outside NZ. We'll just have to wait and see about that one!

I was actually lucky enough to see Amelia play live at the Goldendawn a wee while ago with her full band. I was really impressed with her stage presence and how she guided the band kinda like Steve Jobs playing the role of conductor at an Apple presentation prior to passing. Ignore last sentence alas I lapsed into a Kanyeist moment of hyperbowler. At the gig Amelia's voice was just as beautiful in the flesh as on the record which is always sick. Nothing worse than having pitch correction on every note like Courtney Love was rumoured to have needed, just watch the video on youtube and brace your eardrums folks. The NZ band plans on touring the U.K soon where the brit's will no doubt love Fazerdaze who have already placed a song on a british band compilation in the past. Hopefully the band will sell some cds and make new fans inbetween having heaps of fun :)

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