Friday, 20 May 2016

Drunken Ramble On My Phone - After going to Bar 101

Got a light Got a light Got a light Man im lit as fuck So im really looking for a smoko While hot chicks are chuckin up food on the floor yo Girl in a red dress is ballin her eyes out apparently her man said she was a real slut Walked over to try and console her but a guy friend told me to fuck off I just laughed told him watch how your talking Mind your manners better be polite or your be eating through a straw son See um not like those other bland dudes i push back when you try mess around with my stuff But im actually a peaceful emotional human just getting drunk on the sight of all the young beautiful woman even if its real sausage party at bar 101. But at least the drinks are cheap and they play good music its generic as fuck but we make do wit it Adess tells me just take what you want be aggressive and grab someone but im more romantic i delay pleasure to increase satisfaction plus the girl i like has a boyfriend a damn shame so i dance with a brunette cause shes got curves in all the right places im having a bonanza untill her boyfriend tries playing me for a fool starts grinding on me cause hes upset his not happy at being a cuck so in a stroke of brillianxe he starts taking the piss I dont mind but i warn him he does it again ill have to remove him i roll onto greenier pastures even though her girl gives me those big ole puppy dog eyes i like her but shes not the one i want, i love good girls with pretty faces who cant dance at all but try, there arent many of them! Floral dresses and blondes grooving in a circle strangers awkwardly hooking up on the dancefloor bad girls everywhere marriage last thing on my mind.

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