Saturday, 14 September 2013

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Rock Music Born of Oppression: Rock Army Unite

I decided to edit this post as it was written in the moment when hundreds of people were attacking my band and song "Gorgeous Baby". When you have success you can truly ruffle some feathers. This is especially true for any feat of achievement in music. People may think that The Neos dis-like perhaps even hate Lorde or Lordie as we affectionately call her. Not true we have a serious level of respect for her achievements that are astounding. I may have said that she was a casualty of the culture industry being exploited by record executives, I doubt this very much. The reason I said this was perhaps due to the extreme heights she has achieved as an artist backed commercially from age 12. In reality I have no knowledge of her position as a person or her affairs. I have not taken anything out from the following extract and have only added in some good advice for young musicians. If you concentrate on the creation of your music and put out solid records and buzzed about videos you will achieve in music, on any scale but hopefully one that satisfies you as a person.

We represent lonely 14 year olds!!! we also represent the people that are cut down and rediculed, we represent the truth and god damn it we aint gonna stop because people catch some feelings we are the future and say fuck you to coporate Bull shit we are real rockers and we don't give a fuck what you think!!! whats sad is someone like Lorde being spun 75 million times in one week due to millions of dollars from a record company and singing about representing the Kids who are below the poverty line, its ludcrious she has changed due to industry involvment as a 12 year old she was a casualty of the culture industry and captiliast exploitation of young people for economic gain through music. (Edit) We'll thats one way of looking at it or you could think she flipped the game entirely and it was done on the back of a hit song that the industry backed due to its ability to connect. Thats a fair statement and I think we can learn a lot from Lorde as musicians; (1) you don't have to slay your guts out playing shitty pointless gigs getting paid nothing (2) you don't have to worry about selling your music as the industry can help you promote your music if its really good (3) Anything is possible in music and can see one achieve huge things it short amounts of time (4) It pays to have real songs with giant hooks in them sung by someone who can sick properly (5) We should have respect for our young peoples ability to achieve (6) dreams do come true (7) try not to upset people that enjoy a range of music whether independent, commercial or from Mordor. The Neos do and will always repesent the bands with as much talent as Lorde who are passed over and denied one fucking spin on their University station beause we are that fucking band you want to come and walk in my shoes and see the bullshit for what it is you couldn't survive we are heros to the underdogs and the have nots the people that don't bow down we stand for freedom of speech and will never ever be told to hold our tongues whilst money is running, ruining and controlling Music in all of its forms!!!! Rock Army Unite!!!!!! The Neo-Kalashnikovs

                                                       I Never Seen A Diamond In The Flesh
                                                       We'll never be rulers
                                                        We didn't come from money
                                                          but I am proud of this address

                                                                      THE NEOS

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