Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Your a wizard Harry!! and Bullshit about AC/DC

   Just mucking around on the computer, representing in my hulk t-shirt yeah boy! ;) and my dressing gown yolo my drums are brooding in the right corner of the photo nice! working on my drum rudiments and starting to drum along to some of my favourite records which is really fun. Got half way through Lonerism before I stopped so I could keep playing later and not fuck of the neighbours to much. I generally just practice not on the drums so when I get to play them it kicks ass haha good times. I saw that the lead singer of AC/DC got unceremoniously dropped from the band for going deaf know thats a pretty crap thing to do to someone, plus I reckon there gonna have a really hard time replacing that guy with the cheese cutter hat who screams like his nuts are on fire lol I really hope they don't get some jackass to play in the band and butcher or there songs. Not that I am a super fan of AC/DC but I do like the song Thunderstruck and all the stuff with the original singer was pretty kick ass especially that video when there parodying everything haha yeah who cares anyway, and does it surprise you that AC/DC are going deaf man those guys volume is just stupid they need to set their amps to hearing aid mode

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