Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Symposium is Over! Pluto were the bloody hell are you! I mean Plato

The Symposium is over, had a wickedly good time at the Mercury Theatre on Saturday in the God's theatre. The poetry and music were wonderful and the genrous red chairs very pleasant to relax in. A big thank you to all the Theoradical Hobohemians  and everyone that came along and had a beer, wine or cup cake and enjoyed the nights entertainment. 

I was also merry enough to take to the stage on the night with Mick Innes who was preforming as Socrates and natually I was his faithful student Pluto, I mean Plato! However, after I trooped down onto the stage Socrates decided to lose the Toga a controversial and comical move and delieverd a modest and moving poem in his black underpants, classic Socrates move.

Below I am just gonna chuck up some ideas I wrote for Mick before he decided we should just wing it and just play it by air! Also thanks to Leighton Keutenius for coming along to see the show with Karen, always great to see you two at an event :) & Amber and Ben the sound and lighting was super dope. Finally If I have time I might post up a collage of images that I projected for the back drop for "Sympoisum"

p.s - thanks to Ruth Bioletti (Mother dearest) for organizing and promoting the whole show it was a big undertaking and I was super stoked to be involved, I had a brilliant time and glad the show was a hit and we had fun doing it! :)

Random Ideas about Socrates:

My names Socrates people fancy me as a Philosopher King 
but really im just a professional bullshit artist, isnt that right Pluto 
I mean Plato come here boy. 

You see when Im not dumpster diving at Countdown I like to fancy myslef as
 a bit of alright too my self-inflicted poverty isnt ideal but hey were living in the
real world arent we! well I hope we are bloody metaphsyics gets you know where 
in the end take it from me! 

You want to know a story? to bad im gonna tell it to you anyway and yeah you must 
just learning something about the philsophy of life 

So there I was in the black of night at Countdown Plato's keeping watch for pesky 
security and I am about 3 feet deep in trash just about to grab hold of a some primo canberra cheese
when Plato starts yapping like he's discovered the meaning of life - I ascend to the top and 
by god securities fast approaching and it looks like they've hired a new guy built like 
an armoured horse and carriage, but I peered a bit closer and it was just a shadow an
illusion and the moral of the stories always get the Canberra bar nothing! 

Your still here jesus thats the story I tell to people and it always propels people away 
like a Sparatan at an end of year work do in Athens always good for a laugh 

Look Im not gonna profess to know everything Plato's the real philsopher round here 
arent you boy yes you are fetch boy fetch 

But I definely know a hell of a lot about the Kardashians to give you an example 
i could pick Kim, Kendal, Khole, Kylie and what the hell even Kanye's ass out of any 
police line up in the world, we've definetly done our 10,000 hours of reality television 
havent we Plato. 

Which is a shame really I rather enjoyed that ten year period of my life, even if I was a bit depressed. 

Some people think that anyone could be a philospher if they tried real hard their so idealistic 
why dont they try coming up with how to unfuck the world everyday before breakfast, I had to give that shit up and I loved cornflakes. But I got so stressed I had an exoistential crisis from which I havent really recovered am I here, I know think I am but Am I really damn you philosophy!!!! 

Recently I've come to the sorry conclusion were living in a world controlled by silver back gorillas 
that has to be why everyones obssessed with someone elses banana   

you know the worse thing you can say to some in the whole world apart from "go die you worthless piece of shit you god damn failure" these days is 'dont do it" because it guarantees that some idiot somewhere in a hick town is gonna serach it up on youtube laugh inthe face of good reason and say say "you know what, I know I shouldnt but Im just gonna shot some fireworks out of my ass" 
the funny thing is they always ask you to watch them do the stupid thing, poor Aristotle he still has phantom limb pains from that manipulative little wombat that had the audacity to make up his own rules and ethics and rip his balls off. 

Through all my philsophizing im really only certain of one thing who ever created the universe had a sense of humour just look at the Platypus half duck, half stoat, half beaver cute as a teddy bear and more lethal than a rabbie infested stray dog terrifying your children at a picnic on a bank holiday. 

then I found out it wasnt a dream 

You wouldnt believe it I once had a dream I owned a playpus once, it was so smart it drove where I wanted to go without even telling it - telekensis or sometjhing I came up with that word! first we pulled up to my favourite liquor store in Mangere, then we went through the 
Mac Donalds drive through, round to my drug dealers house and finally to my drug dealers house for a bit of a buzz before finally settling in for a flutter on the roulette wheel on skycity. 

I tell you I never so much money in my whole life with that lucky Platypus by my side, I just started giving money away but then my acid trip turned sour and I started lossing heavily on the tables every number was red instead of black Why WASNT IT BLACK I started threatening the staff with a finnish dagger my friend Ensis had given to me for safe keeping, bloody armed defenders turned up 
thats when I decided to drink the hemlock all in one go I just couldnt be assed putting my hands on my head, it was a bloody great night though

Anyway i've got to catch up with the bloody stoics soon you know its bad when their all walking round with their flaming togas around their heads


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