Saturday, 17 October 2015

Sweet Jane - Lou Reed Cover and "New Stratocaster Feeling GIF"

Recorded in Mt Eden on my Akai Dps16 digital recorder purchased from the bargain bin at Music World in downtown Auckland City. 

In homage to the late great titan of music Lou Reed whose no doubt rocking out in the Sky & all the charming Sweet Jane's throughout the world :)

Purchase "Sweet Jane" via Bandcamp here:

Daniel Turner - Lead Guitar
Moss Bioletti - Drums & Vocals

Dan cranking his new blue Stratocaster through an amp in our dinning which he scored of TradeMe early in the week. It sounds and looks super nice with a heavy low end and clears highs that sound supersonic.

The guitar's sound and name always remind me of Stradivarious violin's like the one pictured below made in 1687 by the greatest violin luthier of all time! 

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