Friday, 26 June 2015

Drake Dropping some Philosophical Gems Courtesy of Sprite and The Fader

Drake's main points - just keep moving forward don't worry about your wins or losses just keep raking them up regardless - quantity over quality produces quality

"Keep things moving"

Be proud and represent your City don't listen to anyone tell you about rainbows and the easy street
that doesn't exist in another country or city

Remember to mix things up and always push the envelop people want an artist not just a rapper,
very true as I see artists who think about videos, artwork, sounds, songs, vibes, and variation on
the same old stuff

Haters are just showing you love their invested in you - they are the confused ones

Sometimes your Dad has a good idea and you should listen to them

Story telling is everything and staying true to your own unique tales

If you got the Music thats all you need nothing else, 'Flip your way of thinking'


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