Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Moss Rock Show - Episode 2 (An eclectic Kiwi music podcast spinning the best tunes around)

The Moss Rock Show -
An eclectic Kiwi podcast spinning the best tunes around!

Rough Church - Grandeur

Kane Strang - So Appealing 

The Leers - I Can't Cope 

The Kaleidoscopes - Cross Street 

Esther Stephens and The Means - Heartbeat (feat Hone Be Good)

Louis Baker - Just Want To Thank You (feat Jordan Rakei) 

Mel Parson - Good Together 

Charlie Freak - Being so Bitter

God Bows To Math - Oppressor vs Oppressor

Rackets - Wash Your Brain Out

Drop Dead Red - Warm Peach Fuzz 

Get Well Soon - Hold On (feat Loui the Zu)

No Rights Reserved 

Cause I'm a man, woman
Don't always think before I do
Cause I'm a man, woman
That's the only answer I've got for you ~ Tame Impala 

This song is an out of this world tour de force through a cosmic Australian audio universe! 

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