Thursday, 20 December 2012

The Neo-Kalashnikovs: Recording they're next record "Selfish Love"

Hi guys sorry for the delay in an update from The Neo-Kalashnikovs, early in the week we were tracking some new songs from our back log of material on our portable studio. We were actually lucky enough to get our hands on Dicataphone Blues awesome Neve pre-amp courtesy of Stuart that really lifted our production value. I've been bumping down some rough mixes and playing them through my cd player and it's sounding really good in my opinion lol. We've even decided to do some covers of The Black Keys and Justin Townes Earles music for our upcoming release. 

We originally started off trying to complete 10 tracks in 2 days but got bogged down in fatigue  so instead managed to track all the drums for the songs and overdubbed bass and multiple guitar tones. 
Volita also tracked a lot of vocals that sound smooth as haha. I'm not sure if were gonna rip the latest material off and finish it in the studio or if I'll try to mix it all and just get it mastered, depends on how it sounds of course. Thanks to everyone for downloading "She's On Heat" getting over 600 downloads and giving away close to 150 is bloody brilliant.

The name of our upcoming album is "Selfish Love" and it will be indie rock and roll to the max with some electronic surprises. The Neos will also be dropping two final videos for "She's On Heat" and playing some shows around the country and generally mis-behaving.

Bring on 2013 The Neos!!

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