Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Grey Album Re-mastered and Banging

I recently downloaded the re-mastered version of Danger Mouse's break through debut "The Grey Album" were he mixed the Beatles' "White album" and Jay-Z's "Black Album" together into one mashed out grey masterpiece. The difference between this version and the first is the powerful sonic mastering that smacks with hard bass drums. Whereas the first official mastered "Grey Album" was arguably a bit thin and whimsical this is a solid re-issue. The low end is unforgettable and the top end of the audio has also had a serious shine. I will definitely be burning a cd to listen to this through some phat speakers because it bangs hard, and yes listening to it loud is a must.

I read somewhere that Danger Mouse was rumored to have spent 200 hours making "The Grey Album" and it shows in it's amazing creativity of looping samples with dispersed vintage drums buried in amongst classic rap flow. If your looking for a perfect match of acapella's to beats this album may be just a tad to raw for you but if you like the Gorillaz smashed with "Rock and Roll" and brought back to life by a heavy dosage of Jay-Z adrenaline I highly recommend downloading this album below.

I remember reading a quote from Danger Mouse saying that the hardest problem with making this record was cutting out Ringo's drums from the "White Album" I reckon Paul McCartney's bass playing must have been everywhere in the audio. Danger mouse has done himself proud in this ground breaking sample heavy record clearly referencing "Endtroducing" by Dj Shadow. The producers latest records being "Brothers" by The Black Keys as well as Norah Jones latest album are a testament to Dangers consistency.

 free to download here

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